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AI Ethics and Governance

Join your peers on 24th June 2021, where we’ll explore the implications, risks and considerations for successful and scalable AI development and deployment for the financial sector

Implications, risks and considerations for successful and scalable AI development and deployment for the financial sector

AI is already replacing humans in fraud detection, risk management, trading, lending and investment advice – with pressures on the sector to cut costs, this is of course only set to rise. As a result, the rapidly growing capabilities and increasing presence of AI-based systems in our lives raise pressing questions about the impact, governance, ethics, and accountability of these technologies around the world. On top of this, consumers are increasingly mindful of the security of their data and how it is being used, and institutions are aware that new capabilities can also create new potential liabilities.

Advances in data science and artificial intelligence are transforming business practices across the financial sector. Relevant technological developments and their applications in banking, insurance, lending and asset management promise significant benefits to firms, consumers, and society at large, but also give rise to a wide range of ethical questions and concerns, including issues of regulatory importance. There is also growing interesting in the ethical use of AI and challenges for financial institutions over how to operationalise guidelines that have been developed so far and also which function of the business should ‘own’ such a project.

So how do we manage the associated ethical risks, challenges and governance implications present by AI development and deployment within an international, dynamic and fast-moving financial sector?

Discussion Leaders

Key Topics

Understanding the risks of AI

Liability and law

Fraud detection and investigations

Risk management

Intentions and AI

Bias: The hidden criminal in the data

Data analytics

Compliance Management

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Who will be there?

Job Titles & Functions aimed at VP, Directors, Chief Ethics Officer, ethics committees and technical and specialists from firms across all industries in the financial sector who are involved in the design, production, and deployment of an AI project including VP, Director, Heads of:


  • Engineering: Data Engineers
  • Technology and Innovation: Technology, AI, ML, Innovation
  • Scientists: Chief Scientists; Data Scientists, Data Analytics
  • Legal and Regulatory: Partners – Execs working at the intersection of Finance – Data – AI/ML
  • Fraud Management
  • Risk and Compliance
  • Policy Making – Government
  • Global Standards / Regulatory Bodies


Organisations in attendance include: Asset management, retail banking, lending and credit cards, payments, investment banking, insurance and fin techs. This event is a global event and will attract an audience from EMEA, UK and North America.

Attended by world renowned enterprises

Unrivalled business and personal development benefits

At the AI Ethics & Governance in Finance virtual event not only will you learn about which technologies and best practices to incorporate into current projects, but you will establish unique ways to revamp products and expand your capabilities. In addition to personal and professional development, you can guide your organisation and make your business smarter and more connected, by understanding how leading companies are utilising and implementing compliance, risk and governance solutions.


Business Benefits:

  • Optimise business processes
  • Reduce costs
  • Get ahead of the competition
  • Improve resourcing efficiencies
  • Streamline your production process
  • Turbo charge profitability
  • Build positive brand exposure
  • Increase operation capacity
  • Expand your business and customer portfolio

Personal Benefits:

  • Gain exposure to financial services sectors successfully deploying relevant technologies and solutions
  • Expand your professional network through meetings and roundtable sessions
  • Make better data-based decisions on vital business projects
  • Get direct access to world renowned enterprises and learn best practice through case studies and exclusive presentations
  • Source new suppliers and have productive conversations to how they can support your business
  • Benefit from a fully immersive virtual event experience with interactive event features, video meetings, chat and advanced networking capabilities and AI powered matchmaking

Key Technologies

AI and ML

ID Verification

AML & KYC Screening

Chat Bots & Robo Advisors

Ago Trading

Alternative Data

Credit Scoring


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