AI Ethics and Governance

Join your peers on 24th June 2021, where we’ll explore the implications, risks and considerations for successful and scalable AI development and deployment for the financial sector

Learn and connect with the AI ethics and governance ecosystem through live keynote presentations, Q&As, panel sessions, multi-tracked content, interactive group discussions and networking rooms.


Core Areas

Banking > Customer Engagement and Chatbots – Risk – Compliance

Lending and Credit > Credit Scoring – Underwriting – Fraud Detection

Asset Management > Robo Advisors – Alternative Data – Algo Trading

Technical > AI Platforms – NLP – Time Series – ML Ops – End to end ML – Creating enterprise grade model’s


Core Themes


  • Identify the challenges of ethics in an artificial intelligence (AI) economy
  • Recognize the challenges of machine intelligence ethics.
  • Distinguish between different ethical models and how they are applied.
  • Analyse various ethical and governance related situations.
  • Determine AI applications in finance, banking and insurance situations.
  • Evaluating risk: What drives the AI risk?