The Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Forum Frankfurt

12th September 2019

Frankfurt Marriott Hotel, Hamburger Allee 2, Frankfurt

About the Event

An estimated 2.5 percent of world GDP is laundered money.

In the past decade worldwide, fines totalling a staggering $26 billion have been imposed for non-compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations, along with Know Your Customer (KYC) and sanctions violations, including on 18 of Europe’s 20 largest banks. So it’s no surprise that battling financial crime with the right tools and technologies is top of banks’ agenda.

The AML Forums is a series of boutique, peer-to-peer, executive events. Each session benchmarks best practice, explores why banks struggle with financial crime, and discusses what’s needed to force a step change in the industry – reducing exposure to money laundering itself, and to the financial penalties.

What are the capabilities and limitations of AML tools? And how can technology help tackle the operational and compliance challenges? Answer these and other key questions at the next AML Forum.


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Why Attend?

Each event has been purpose-built in response to the AML challenges outlined to us by leading experts in banking governance, risk management, and compliance.

Demand will be high: this is a boutique, peer-to-peer series for senior executives, with spaces limited to 40 delegates at each forum.

Key benefits:

  • Benchmark against best-in-class AML procedures and technology.
  • Work towards reducing fines.
  • Discover the latest RegTech solutions and stay ahead of the curve.
  • Improve your AML strategy and processes.
  • Find out the latest on planned regulatory changes.
  • Meet with senior banking sector peers to discuss shared experiences and challenges.
  • Seek one-to-one opportunities with our systems integrator and vendor partners.
  • Shape the agenda – interactive panels, roundtables, and one-to-one meetings offer answers to your specific questions.
  • Get fresh perspectives from the industry’s real innovators.
  • Invest in yourself: take time out to grow your expertise.

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You’ll learn, whatever level you are at in your organisation, it’s a real cross section of people both from your peer firms and it’s always good to hear what they’re doing, also to hear what’s developing as best market practice. Today has been really interactive and open, which has been really beneficial for me.

*Commenting on previous Transform Finance event.

I attended to get some views on the challenges that my peers are facing and see if they are similar to mine, and share thoughts on things to consider that I may not have so far. The peer-to-peer discussion was really insightful in getting information from other banks on what their concerns are and what they’re doing, which is very important because most of the issues I’m dealing with day to day.

*Commenting on previous Transform Finance event.

Events like this are very important because it brings together a lot of working professionals who face challenges on a day to day basis, it helps give perspective on the challenges that other companies are facing and it broadens your view of other realities of the industry, it’s very easy to get lost in the day to day of your own work and believe that this is the entire universe, but stepping out of it at events like this are really great ways of showing what your own company is doing, showing how you yourself are reaching financial crime best practice but also getting new information and best practices on what ‘s coming and currently happening from other people who know what they’re doing.

*Commenting on previous Transform Finance event.

I think it’s brought the right individuals at the right size, so people from diverse backgrounds with the right knowledge set, from MLROs to tech experts to challenger banks, I think it has the right set of individuals.

*Commenting on previous Transform Finance event.


Frankfurt Marriott Hotel
Hamburger Allee 2
Frankfurt 60486

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