With over 20 years of experience, Liliya joined Commerzbank in 2016, having previously worked across the financial crime space in different roles and capacity and across different platforms. She has managed teams, due diligence projects in challenging environments, and led major investigations and litigation support cases.

Her experience includes the Royal Bank of Canada, several London-based investigative consultancy firms and Transparency International in Berlin. In the late 1990s she joined Bulgaria’s Financial Intelligence Unit where she headed the International Contacts and Legal Coordination department. She holds a doctorate in AML policies from Tilburg University in the Netherlands and gives lectures at the University of Manchester.

A speaker at industry events, Liliya has delivered presentations on behalf of Stop the Traffik, a London-based non-profit organisation that fights human trafficking and modern slavery. At Commerzbank Liliya managed the AML Advisory and EDD Team until her appointment as head of Transactions Monitoring and Investigations/UK FIU.