Assessing Technological Developments Across the Nordic Fraud Landscape

Money mules – Technology and Scams – PSD3 – APP Fraud 
May 30, 2024

With major Nordic banks taking huge hits both financially and reputationally following investigations into their failure to prevent and counter financial crime activity, the region is arguably subject to larger scale failings on the AML front than many of their European counterparts. Learning from major players in the region, complimented by experts in the field who operate globally within a variety of financial institutions, is a must for financial crime professionals looking to play catch-up and prevent further damage to what is a bustling Nordic financial sector.

Why attend and who should attend?

This webinar is a fantastic opportunity for professionals working in AML, fraud, cyber risk management, internal investigations, and KYC roles at financial institutions to hear from senior financial crime professionals and subject matter experts such as:

  • Heads of Fraud Risk
  • Heads of AML
  • Transaction Monitoring Leads
  • Heads of Cyber Security
  • Heads of Onboarding

Learn from our excellent speakers how you can help improve the region’s ability to tackle financial crime, take away key insights and learnings from within the region as well as exemplary external case studies, and propel the Nordics onto a path to leading the way in the fight against financial crime.


Core Topics and Content



  • Assess the state of mule networks in the Nordics region. 
  • Review the best practices for mule detection and discuss the latest technological developments in automating your detection processes. 
  • Learn how you can leverage detection of individual mule accounts to uncover the larger mule network that may exist within your operations. 



  • Evaluate the impact that innovation across AI platforms has had on the social engineering element of APP fraud. 
  • To what extent has open-source software enhanced criminals’ ability to commit large-scale attacks and is fraud becoming a ‘live-service’ model?  
  • How will APP mandatory reimbursement affect financial institutions’ operations in the region? 





  • What are the latest technologies being leveraged by criminals to improve their ability to commit scam attacks en masse? 
  • Review the most prevalent scam types in the Nordic region. 
  • How can financial institutions fight back against increasingly sophisticated criminal operations by leveraging technological innovation themselves? 



  • Discuss the 3rd Payment Services Directive and its implications for financial institutions. 
  • What do you need to know and how should you prepare your operations to adapt? 
  • Explore how sharing fraud data between institutions, law enforcement agencies, and government bodies can help combat financial crime in the region. 



Key Insights: What will you learn? 

Join us and our expert panellists from a variety of financial institutions and fintech organisations across the Nordic region to discuss:

  • Critical challenges that financial crime professionals are facing in their day-to-day operations.
  • Learn how you can best prepare to defend against a variety of scams and phishing attacks
  • Improve your AML detection and prevention capabilities to uncover mule networks
  • Discover how the landscape is expected to evolve over the next year so your institution is best placed to fight financial crime moving forward