Bridging the KYC Technology Gap: How FIs can Efficiently Combat Financial Crime

In the global fight against money laundering, understanding the identity of customers has been an essential know your customer (KYC) compliance requirement for financial institutions for decades.

Yet the continuous evolution of regulation has added cost and complexity to the process of acquiring and retaining clients.

In this webinar we’ll discuss the key areas where financial services firms can effectively optimise the KYC process to reduce costs, drive efficiency and move to a growth agenda.


Discussion Leaders

Key takeaways

This webinar will seek to answer the following:

– How much does KYC really cost your financial institution?

– Can we move away from data siloes to have ‘one single source of the truth’?

– What manual KYC means for both client and employee experience

– The scale of the scheduled/periodic KYC review challenge, and is continuous/perpetual KYC the answer?

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Its rules-driven solution ensures compliance with multiple regulatory frameworks in over 100 jurisdictions, future proofing financial institutions against new and evolving regulations. By expediting compliance, improving operational efficiencies and accelerating client onboarding, Fenergo’s CLM solutions enables financial institutions to achieve up to 700% return on investment.

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