Disrupt FinCrime Networking Dinner

napier sydney
July 3, 2024
Quay The Green Room


Navigating the Regulatory Maze: AI Implementation and Financial Crime Compliance in Australia

Financial institutions are grappling with the dual pressure of adopting AI technologies for regulatory compliance while navigating a complex regulatory landscape. From evolving AML typologies to the shifting regulatory frameworks, and ever-changing watchlists, the journey towards AI implementation for AML transaction monitoring and client screening is fraught with both challenges and opportunities.

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Food for thought: AI should have explainability at its core

Artificial intelligence has the power to improve financial crime compliance considerably, but it has to be implemented in the right way. Before implementation, it is important to understand a few things:

  • Your institution’s readiness
  • The objective of the AI
  • The regulatory environment
  • Making sure you have access to the right data

Drawing insights from industry experts and regulatory authorities, we’ll delve into the optimal path for AI implementation, dissecting key considerations such as readiness assessment, regulatory environment evaluation, risk assessment and data management strategies.

Join us on the 3rd July in Sydney and learn firsthand from financial institutions’ experiences, their struggles, and their aspirations as they strive to balance innovation with regulatory compliance in the fight against financial crime.

Key takeaways

Understand the evolving regulatory landscape and how it influences AI implementation strategies for financial crime compliance in Australia.

Learn how to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s readiness for AI adoption, including evaluating data maturity and regulatory compliance.

Explore best practices for data acquisition, validation, and assurance to ensure the reliability and usability of data for AI-powered compliance solutions.

Discuss strategies for fostering collaborative relationships with regulators, managing regulatory uncertainties, and advocating for clearer guidelines to facilitate AI adoption in financial crime compliance.



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