What does the UK really know about fraud?
Insights from the Fraud Awareness Report with KYC provider IDnow
Webinar | 2pm BST April 23rd, 2024

Fraud is widespread in the UK and has been a serious concern for consumers, banks and technology providers for many years. As fraudsters continue to innovate and collaborate, so must we across industry and government.

IDnow’s recently released UK Fraud Awareness Report (research conducted by YouGov) explores the nation’s awareness of the latest fraud terms, the areas of life most susceptible to fraud, and how commonly Brits use risky, unencrypted channels. The IDnow UK Fraud Awareness Report shines a spotlight on the perception and fear of fraud in the UK, especially in the banking sector, and reveals a shocking disparity in awareness of the different types of fraud, as well as some worrying behavioural trends.

In this webinar, our expert panellists explore the results of the report, and the pivotal role played by cutting-edge identity verification solutions to combat fraud. Learn more about what you, and your organization can do to combat fraud, educate your customers, and protect them from fraudulent activities.

Key takeaways

– Insights from the UK Fraud Awareness report: How bad is the public’s awareness?

– What can you as an organization or company do to combat fraud?

– What are some of the recent strategies that organized fraudsters are using?

– Learn more about effective types of identity verification and KYC (Know Your Customer), which are proven to prevent fraudsters from targeting your business and customers.



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UK Fraud Awareness Report