Know Your Customer Blurb: 

Know Your Customer’s award-winning SaaS platform and APIs are designed to revolutionize the anti-money laundering compliance, client onboarding, and periodic review processes, meeting the diverse needs of financial institutions and regulated businesses worldwide with customer-centric solutions and high-quality entity data.  

With our user-friendly interface and advanced automation capabilities, we streamline and simplify the implementation of anti-money laundering procedures, ensuring a seamless experience for both compliance teams and their SME and corporate customers. We also offer the widest coverage of real-time company registry connections in the industry, providing direct access to official company data and AI-based shareholding identification in more than 140 countries globally.  

Founded in Hong Kong in 2015 and with local presence in Shanghai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Dublin, and London, Know Your Customer has built a global customer base across 11 verticals and 18 jurisdictions, as well as a wide network of technology and data partners. Our solutions are in place at two out of the top five banks in Hong Kong and one of the top three credit card issuers. Some of our public clients include Shanghai Commercial Bank, Ping An OneConnect Bank, Chow Tai Fook, Choco Up, Aspire, Tricor, Coda Payments, 3SMoney, and Lambert Smith Hampton.  


Hawk is the leading provider of AI-supported anti-money laundering and fraud detection technology. Banks and payment providers globally are using Hawk’s powerful combination of traditional rules and explainable AI to improve the effectiveness of their AML compliance and fraud prevention by identifying more crime, while maximizing efficiency by reducing false positives. Hawk’s modular solution can either enhance or replace rules-based systems with AI-powered transaction monitoring, payment screening, pKYC, and fraud prevention in real-time to deliver greater accuracy and reduced noise.