Darwinium is a next generation digital security and fraud prevention platform running on the perimeter edge, protecting every customer interaction from complex fraud and scams. Built by the co-founders of ThreatMetrix, Darwinium moves on from point-in-time risk assessments to create a single holistic view of customer journeys across every digital touchpoint – Web, Apps and APIs. 


Darwinium’s unique integration point, via content delivery networks (CDNs), provides a continuous view of user behavior, from pre-authentication, through account creation, login, change-of-details and payments, all via one simple deployment. Risk decisions can be conditionally enriched with any third-party intelligence, and businesses can adapt customer journeys live, according to trust/risk. This is particularly useful for remediating scams, with complete visibility of a payment journey and the ability to slow down a payment, or intervene with dynamic messaging, all in real time.