the AML theatre

In today's intricate financial crime environment, AML experts face the ongoing challenge of meeting evolving regulations and technology demands for compliance while pursuing growth and innovation in the midst of heightened AML and compliance requirements. 

Exploring the hottest topics in AML

Institutions must improve their AML framework and technologies to combat emerging risks to ensure a secure future as money launderers, terrorists, and other criminal organisations carry out endless attacks. Recognize common pitfalls and problem areas to avoid. 

Through their KYC, transaction monitoring, sanctions screening, and SAR filing processes, institutions must start focusing on more rigorously identifying and aiding in mitigating or preventing environmental, social, and governance illicit activity.

Following the post-pandemic inflation, the Russo-Ukrainian war has thrust the entire financial sector into a new reality. We are currently witnessing a previously unheard-of situation in which financial institutions and fintech firms to impose sanctions and boycotts. 

The Rise of the Buy Now Pay Later Model – the revolution turning consumer financing. Buy Now Pay Later vs Traditional Banking; Understanding why BNPL is increasingly more appealing to customers and merchants with unparalleled benefits.

Technology and the use of data, analytics, and robotics are changing how suspicious activity monitoring and reporting is done now and in the future. Address existing pain points and provide opportunities for the future towards the prospect of systemic monitoring.

As the controls for preventing the traditional methods for money laundering and terrorism financing (ML/TF) have become more effective, criminals have employed more complex and sophisticated schemes involving the use of the international trade system.  

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