the Main Stage

 As the times evolve, organisations must adapt at an accelerated pace. We will investigate strategies to foster a collaborative approach in the fight against financial crime. Additionally, we will delve into measures to efficiently address and devise strategies to confront emerging threats. 

Exploring the hottest topics

We will explore cutting-edge strategies, technologies, and regulations aimed at safeguarding the global financial ecosystem. Join us in the main plenary to delve into the crucial discussions that will shape the future of financial crime and compliance. 

Exploring innovative technologies and regulatory strategies to fortify financial institutions and delve into proactive measures taken to safeguard global economies from illicit financial activities and ensure long-term stability. 

Understanding current trends, emerging tech, automation, and changing business needs to manage financial crime risks. Review recent regulatory enforcement actions and consider possible compliance approaches. What makes for a great AML compliance program. 

Understanding the obstacles, challenges and conflicting priorities in PPP. Complementing centralized transaction analysis to effectively scale up and tackle the increasing scope and complexity of money laundering and terrorist financing. Addressing the promise of preserving privacy in FinCrime data sharing.

Ensuring your internal procedures are robust as keeping up-to-date with information and guidance about AML. Without the right infrastructure in place, firms may struggle to react quickly and effectively in making changes that will satisfy industry bodies and regulators. 

The risk of crypto assets being used to further criminal activity is well recognised and considered a priority by authorities and industry alike. Efforts are important, not only to combat financial crime, but also to support the safe development of fintech and regtech initiatives and innovation. 

AML theatre
Fraud theatre