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Every year, technology is changing the financial services companies in far-reaching ways. But to the thoughtful executive, they offer new opportunities to strengthen existing infrastructure, do away with outdated systems and embrace the new. But a choice must be made in the current pandemic and economic downturn: do you lead the charge or do you react to others’ success?

Technological change is showing no signs of slowing and every organisation must ensure they are not swept away. But where to begin? Do you focus on streamlining internal processes or enhancing outreach strategies?  Can you slash costs and also adopt new technology? What’s the right way to balance short-term actions with long-term strategies?

Transform Finance brings together senior leaders from the banking and insurance sectors to discuss the latest innovations and share insight on economic recovery, technology innovations, big data, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, whilst reviewing and adapting to the latest regulations and disrupters. Across our event, our leading industry experts will explore these topics and more, offering you a glimpse of what is to come.

We are committed to supporting the financial services community to succeed in this changing landscape through collaboration, data analysis and technological innovations to help develop a sound strategy for your organisation.

The key industry challenges that this event will provide guidance and insights for include:

  • How the financial sector will aid the post-coronavirus economic recovery, and how these efforts have accelerated digital transformation
  • All things ‘Tech’! The disruption from InsurTech, FinTech and RegTech
  • 2020, the year that sped up adoption for the payments industry
  • Implementing blockchain to solve efficiencies
  • How to advance and deploy AI, Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics and Chatbots to enhance the customer experience
  • All things data! Data Analytics, Big Data, Data Privacy, Data Sharing and Collaboration
  • Cyber Security – the current risks and threats before, during and after a global pandemic
  • AIoT, a new tool moving financial services towards a next-generation transformation.

Discussion Leaders

Key Topics

Economic Recovery

Payments Adoption

All Things Data

Cyber Security

KYC - Know Your Customer


Effective Internal Restructuring

Artificial Intelligence

Why should you attend?

  • Hear from 20+ financial services industry focused speakers
  • Virtually network with 250+ attendees
  • Attend two tracks that ensure a focused discussion in both banking and insurance
  • Engage with 8+ hours of top-flight content
  • Select 1-2-1 meetings with the latest financial service innovators
Delegate Key Benefits:

  • World-class content that flows in two tailored tracks
  • Network from home! Join meeting rooms to network and connect with the community
  • The chance to have a 1-2-1, obligation free consultation with our leading vendor partners to discuss solutions for your challenges
  • Gain insight and get a better understanding of the latest technology being implemented from key decision makers, key influencers and experts
  • Invest in yourself by taking time out to ensure you remain aware of the latest happenings
  • Advance your knowledge on the sectors best practices through this virtual experience
  • Get a fresh perspective from industry innovators
  • Get involved! Join in the day with live polls, Q&A’s and competitions

Past Audience Members

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