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Times are changing and institutions must adapt and evolve faster than ever before. We will assess the financial crime landscape in North America from a top-down perspective, identifying emerging threats and assessing where financial institutions are most at risk. Discuss how we can achieve a collective effort to reduce and prevent financial crime while further considering measures to effectively combat the latest techniques in money laundering, cyber threats, fraud, and scams.

Exploring the latest trends in financial crime in North America

The pandemic brought about an extraordinary digital shift that has triggered the interest of money launderers, fraudsters and other cybercriminals. Re-assess the direction of FinCrime in the US and determine where you should invest to enhance your operational capabilities.

Analyze the numerous events around the world that have been capitalized on by fraudsters and identify patterns to help predict and pre-empt fraud cases following similar macro-events.

Assess how the new beneficial ownership regulation will affect your customer verification checks. Discuss the potential of a federal database of business owners and how working alongside the government checks and balances will impact your operations.

Are you aware of how criminals are using Cryptocurrency and NFTs to scam your customers? Learn from those in the field taking on cases in this new area of fraud and what you can do to protect your consumers moving forward.

Following the digital shift from the pandemic, are you up to date with the direction of financial crime in North America? Learn from a variety of institutions on what trends and patterns they are noticing as the financial crime landscape continues to change

Finish the day with a powerhouse of a presentation from Greg Coleman. Hear how Greg tracked and caught one of the biggest names in financial crime on wall street.

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