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In today's intricate financial crime environment, AML & KYC experts face the ongoing challenge of meeting evolving regulations and technology demands, pursuing growth and innovation as new technological advancements are made while remaining vigilant to ensure compliance procedures are adequately met. 

Exploring the hottest topics in AML & KYC

Institutions must improve their AML framework and technologies to combat emerging risks to ensure a secure future as money launderers, terrorists, and other criminal organisations carry out endless attacks. Recognize common pitfalls and problem areas to avoid, and fortify your KYC screening processes to prevent criminal activity. 

Through their KYC, transaction monitoring, sanctions screening, and SAR filing processes, institutions must start focusing on more rigorously identifying and aiding in mitigating or preventing environmental, social, and governance illicit activity.  

Ensure your organisation is remaining vigilant in the face of criminals who are looking to launder money to terrorist groups by hearing about the latest tactics to identify and tackle suspicious activity. 

Hear from our expert speakers on the latest findings for money mule activity in the region and learn the latest strategies and technological innovations available to help you catch bad actors. 

What better place to learn about the European Parliament’s AML package than the heart of the European Parliament itself! Discuss the impact AMLA will have on existing capabilities to combat money laundering and terrorist financing and discover how you can adapt your operations to enhance your abilities in this area. 

As the geopolitical landscape continues to change, and existing sanctions regulation is upgraded due to international pressure, it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest detection capabilities. Learn how you can identify mule accounts and other techniques bad actors are using to subvert sanction

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