the Fraud & Cybersecurity theatre

Focusing on the latest technological innovations in cybersecurity and fraud prevention, as well as assessing the latest threats to financial institutions, our Fraud theatre will cover trending topics such as deepfake technology, the use of AI chatbots, and utilising digital twins to understand your defence capabilities and where you need to invest to enhance these.

Exploring the hottest topics in Fraud & Cybersecurity

Our dedicated fraud theatre is designed to unravel the intricate web of financial misconduct, cyber threats, and fraudulent activities in today’s digital landscape. Join us as we delve into the latest strategies, technologies, and best practices to safeguard your organization against ever-evolving threat from criminals who can utilise the latest tech and AI software to target your institution. 

The future of Analytics for fraud detection and management will be beneficial, but adoption rates will vary across companies, industries, and countries. Now it’s making inroads in fraud management, detection, and Investigation. 

All businesses face risks from cyber fraud, no matter their size. Organisations need to understand the different types of cybercrime and the best practices for detecting them. stakeholders also need to be aware, so that the risks are managed. 

Learn how you can prepare your institution for pending MiCA regulation due this year. Ensure you are remaining compliant and discover how this legislation will protect consumers against fraud risks associated with investments in crypto. 

Hear from leading experts about how the third payment services directive will help them to combat financial crime through collaboration. Discuss how barriers regarding data sharing being lifted will enhance operational capabilities while also ensuring you remain compliant. 

Criminals do not hesitate to embrace new technologies, and so should businesses to protect their stakeholders. Fighting against fraud by using AI/ML models is more efficient compared to manual fraud detection and prevention. 

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