the KYC & Data theatre

Transform Finance Frankfurt brings together the most important discussions about the relationship between Data, KYC, and technology in the banking industry. Providing the platform for understanding the regulatory implications and compliance requirements for professionals in banking, credit, and institutional finance in the EU and DACH regions.

Exploring the hottest topics in KYC & Data

Organisations worldwide must now know the latest intelligence to identify, disrupt and investigate financial crimes. With today’s fraud schemes more sophisticated than ever, effective utilization of both technology and strategy are needed to detect and prevent these crimes.

Big data is a big challenge to overcome when working with 3rd parties. How can you ensure you remain compliant when outsourcing? This session will discuss the ways in which you can ensure your 3rd party relationships are up-to-scratch from an operational and regulatory perspective.

Assess the benefits that adopting pKYC can have on your institution, as well as looking at a roadmap of how you can achieve this over time.

Discover the improvements in AI verification and how this can enhance your overall verification process. See what advancements have been made and take away ideas to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your operations.

Learn how you can utilise data analytics to successfully flag suspicious profiles within your institution for further investigation. Identify potential red flags and deal with them before criminal activity occurs.

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