the Main Stage

As the times evolve, organisations must adapt at an accelerated pace. We will investigate strategies to foster a collaborative approach in the fight against financial crime, looking at how we can better work together from department cross-collaboration through to a cross-institutional level. We will be joined by keynote speakers to deliver emphatic and engaging presentations, sharing stories from their experiences with financial crime. 

Exploring the hottest topics

We will explore cutting-edge strategies, technologies, and regulations aimed at safeguarding the global financial ecosystem. Join us in the main plenary to delve into the crucial discussions that will shape the future of financial security and compliance. 

Understanding the obstacles, challenges and conflicting priorities in PPP. Complementing centralised transaction analysis to effectively scale up and tackle the increasing scope and complexity of money laundering and terrorist financing. Addressing the promise of preserving privacy in FinCrime data sharing. 

Learn from experts in from a variety of cryptocurrency platform and law enforcement backgrounds to understand where travel rule implementation usually falls short – and how we can work together more effectively to ensure necessary data is shared between platforms for cross-border payments.

Learn about the latest developments used by law enforcement agencies across borders in order to effectively share criminal data that leads to arrests. Discover how you can share data securely and responsibly to improve the EU’s ability to tackle financial crime without borders. 

AML & KYC theatre
Fraud & Cyber theatre