the Main Stage

Times are changing and institutions must adapt and evolve faster than ever before. On the main stage we will assess the financial crime landscape in the EU and DACH regions from a top-down perspective, identifying emerging threats and technologies while also assessing where financial institutions are most at risk through panel sessions with leading experts.

Exploring the hottest topics

The past few years have brought about an extraordinary digital shift that has triggered the rise of cryptocurrency adoption, as well as the interest of money launderers, fraudsters and other cybercriminals. Re-assess the direction of FinCrime in the EU and determine where you should invest to enhance your operational capabilities.

Hear from members of the ECB as well as leading financial institutions on this panel session discussing the potential impact that a digital euro would have on the financial landscape across the EU, and how you can best prepare for this in your company.

This panel session will reflect on the latest technological advancements made by criminals. Learn from leaders in AFC about how to best prepare to deal with the latest attempts to defraud your institution and consumers while remaining compliant.

Discuss the latest macro-trends in financial crime across the EU to determine the biggest threats posed to financial institutions. Learn what elements of the current turbulent economic climate are being exploited to determine where you should be investing in your defence capabilities.

Bringing together experts from a variety of crypto-related backgrounds, learn about the technological potential, risk, and ultimate rewards that cryptocurrencies can bring to the traditional financial landscape.

Security, financial crime, safety, reliability, privacy and data ethics will become increasingly intertwined in a digital and data-driven world. In order to innovate with speed and confidence, organisations will need to address these in an integrated way.

Past Main Stage Discussion Leaders

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