the Fraud theatre

We will focus on the topics of investigations, audit and scams including AI/ML, data analytics and their roles in fighting fraud with business transactions, which have increasingly been crossing national borders, thereby presenting greater opportunities for financial crime and for the externalization of risks.

Exploring the hottest topics in Fraud

Organisations worldwide have to know more than ever identify, disrupt and investigate financial crimes. With today’s fraud schemes more sophisticated than ever, both technology and skills are needed to fight these crimes.

The future of Analytics for fraud detection and management will be beneficial, but adoption rates will vary across companies, industries, and countries. Now it’s making inroads in fraud management, detection, and Investigation.

All businesses face risks from cyber fraud, no matter their size. Organisations need to understand the different types of cybercrime and the best practices for detecting them. stakeholders also need to be aware, so that the risks are managed.

Confronting the evolving nature of criminal financial schemes may seem like a daunting task. Consumers’ worldwide adoption of instant, contactless transactions has provided an opportunity for some to take advantage of loopholes and weaknesses in digital systems.

With new fraud methods and increased fraud forces, organisations need to continually identify and remediate vulnerabilities. Success requires adoption of best practices to become more resilient, provide better customer experience, and deliver lower risk and sustainable returns to shareholders.


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