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Unravel the interconnected nature of AML and KYC processes, highlighting their collaborative role in fortifying financial integrity. Harnessing the synergies between AML and KYC for a more robust and integrated defense against financial crimes. 

Exploring the hottest topics in AML & KYC

Pushing the boundaries to deliver value across the relationship between Data, KYC, and Technology in financial institutions, we’ll cover the changing the entire landscape of how KYC and use of data is performed – including improving the CX, reducing cost, and increasing efficiency and quality while improving risk management. 

With the increased adoption and huge surge in demand for online services and mobile applications, customers’ expectations have also risen – they are looking for seamless, speedy, and convenient onboarding without compromising security.

Understanding how traditional customer due diligence has risen to a more sophisticated practice and analysing significant changes on a continuous basis ranging from basic static data to client needs and behaviours.

Striking a balance in big data privacy vs. big data usefulness. Privacy-related protective measures must extend beyond those aspects of privacy that overlap with security. Simplifying the compliance equation to mitigate financial risks.

The use of APIs is spearheading the evolution of the financial services industry in many ways. It has helped improve collaboration, accelerated Innovation, and provided access to consumer data with an improved customer experience across all transactions. 

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