the AML theatre

Transform Finance UK leads the cross-industry discussion about Money Laundering in the UK and Europe, by gathering together MLROs and specialists providing oversight for banks keeping on top of their compliance with AML and CTF obligations. Peer-to-peer best practice and the latest techniques for combatting crime, makes this event a must-attend for the sector.

Exploring the hottest topics in AML

Keep on top: hear from leaders across the industry who are disrupting money launderers while protecting their victims. From risks, strategy, detection and monitoring, meet experts across the industry fighting the challenge head-on.

Developing more advanced systems and technology to detect, monitor, and defeat fraudsters is a continuing process for many financial institutions. How do the results of difference ML, Robotic, and AI approaches compare?

Tackling financial crime is not the responsibility of just one firm, but requires industry-wide discussion. Learn from a range of companies as they discuss how they see both the Fintech and money laundering landscape.

Understanding the technology required to execute on an AML strategy and how other companies are choosing between vendors is critical to tackle money laundering today. As a wide range of tech options are available, learn how to simplify the market and maximise RoI.

The role AI plays in AML is changing rapidly. Understand the different types of AI and their function in preventing money laundering. Not only this, see the innovative ways criminals are beating this technology and how others in the industry are fighting back.

How can financial institutions ensure their risk analysis is capturing all the factors needed to prevent money laundering? How do firms know when current approaches are out or date or need a fresh re-think? What input can public bodies and regulators have to help identify emerging risks?

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