the Cyber theatre

New for 2023 Transform Finance UK, a dedicated Cyber theatre to explore the threats the industry experts are facing. Tackling the vulnerabilities, cyber risks, and the external influences on security systems, the cyber theatre will keep cyber specialists up to date on the cyber threat landscape.

Exploring the hottest topics in Cyber

Keep on top: hear from leaders across the industry who are disrupting money launderers while protecting their victims. From risks, strategy, detection and monitoring, meet experts across the industry fighting the challenge head-on.

While technology is constantly evolving, so are the criminals opportunities. How can financial institutions stay one step ahead of the cyber criminals? What are the newest methods for cyber attacks? Ensure you are up to date on the latest trends and how to lessen you vulnerable points.

Future-proofing is a critical part of each financial institution’s responsibility to their customers. But what are the real opportunities and risks that quantum computing poses on the horizon, and is it just science-fiction? Will the criminals use it first?

Understanding the technology required to execute on an AML strategy and how other companies are choosing between vendors is critical to tackle money laundering today. As a wide range of tech options are available, learn how to simplify the market and maximise RoI.

The external pressures are creating a whole new level of cyber risk that financial institutions need to be aware of. With the evolution of technology and AI and pressure from political events, financial institutions must stay one step ahead of the criminals. Hear from industry professional about emerging threats and how to stay ahead of the curve.

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