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NEW for 2023 Transform Finance UK includes Cyber Threats as part of the Fraud Theatre. From Romance Scams, Transaction Monitoring, and Insider Threats the Fraud landscape is constantly evolving and requires industry specialists to keep up to date on the latest trends, before they happen, in the UK.

Exploring the hottest topics in Fraud & Cyber

Lead form the front: from sanctions, insider fraud, and the latest scams, make sure you’re protecting your business from fraud and cyber threats, by leading from the front.

Are institutions seeing the same methods but with different names, or has there been a change in the types of scams that are targeting the public? What are public and private bodies doing to raise awareness? Make sure you know what’s out there and what is emerging today.

Keeping an eye on what is happening inside your organisation is critical to prevent huge losses and prosecutions from ruining the reputation of your business. Learn from important case-studies about how to spot, prevent, and protect against insider fraud.

As the regulatory and sanctions framework changes in response to political, geographical, and economic challenges, compliance experts need to understand trends and how other teams are responding to the regulator.

As talent is increasingly difficult to find, financial institutions need to have a multi-layered approach to developing the workforce. Whether it is customer facing, technological advancement, or internal business development, how can companies ensure they are maximising the talent in their teams?

Future-proofing is a critical part of each financial institution’s responsibility to their customers. But what are the real opportunities and risks that quantum computing poses on the horizon, and is it just science-fiction? Will the criminals use it first?

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