the KYC & Data theatre

Transform Finance UK brings together the most important discussions about the relationship between Data, KYC, and technology in the banking industry. Providing the platform for understanding the regulatory implications and compliance requirements for professionals in banking, credit, and institutional finance in the UK.

Exploring the hottest topics in KYC & Data

Discuss critical topics: from innovative approaches, the use of API’s, tech, KYC, Data, and top-level strategy, discover the essential tools to improve your customer and client management.

As technological innovation enters the market at pace, finding the correct APIs for in order to integrate legacy systems with the newest applications is essential to provide smooth operations from the top of the organisation downwards.

Data set are getting larger and more complex, all the time. Finding the best way to collect, store, protect, and manage this data is ever more important for compliance professionals in today’s sanctions landscape.

As cyber criminals try new ideas and approaches in order to stay under the radar, genuine customers are also wanting more privacy and protection. How can today’s teams ensure a seamless onboarding process, while also detecting and stopping fraudsters.

The intersection between AI and data is constantly evolving. Simplifying complex data and speeding up the decision-making process for leaders is essential to turn data into insight as companies need to stay ahead of the curve to prevent financial crime.

How can emerging banks and financial institutions ensure their spending is as efficient and effective as possible? When buying or building new tech or platforms, what are the most important business-case factors that go into the decision-making process?

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