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The economic changes are expected to bite hard in 2023, squeezing the pockets of may across the UK. Pressure on consumers at all levels means the banking and credit industry needs to be on top of any upturn in financial crime. As more people consider cryptocurrency as an alternative currency, there needs to be robust discussion about the future of financial technology in the market. Discuss how to use tech to prevent fraud, money laundering, and cyber threats, to keep on top of the criminals.

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Be part of the conversation: join other leaders and get ideas about the inside track about the future of the UK economy, sanctions climate, cryptocurrency adoption, PPPs, and more. Get the essential information you need for your team.

Post-Brexit, post-Covid, and an active war in Europe, how the UK banking sector reacts to customers and clients emerging from these global challenges – and protects them from fraud and other crime – will be critical in 2023.

The technology that is protecting banks and other financial institutions is evolving at an impressive rate. Do you know your Robots from your AI or ML? What APIs, middleware, and analytics are outperforming the competition and fighting the fraudsters.

Ensuring strong public and private partnerships is essential if the industry is to succeed in creating the most-hostile climate for any financial crime syndicate. Learn how to go from ideation to implementation, and ensure strong relationships long-term.

As billions of transactions occur every day, the ability to spot, track, and act on suspicious transactions is increasingly complex. Figure out the most cost-effective and efficient way of managing this process for your team.

From trading platforms, tradable tokens, to new exchanges, in the context of massive swings in the crypto market and industry, there is still a lot of myth and gossip in a sector that is trying to embed itself as a stable alternative to traditional currencies.

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