Agenda at a Glance


Learn and connect with the AI ethics and governance ecosystem through live keynote presentations, Q&As, panel sessions, multi-tracked content, interactive group discussions and networking rooms.


Core Areas

Banking > Customer Engagement and Chatbots – Risk – Compliance

Lending and Credit > Credit Scoring – Underwriting – Fraud Detection

Asset Management > Robo Advisors – Alternative Data – Algo Trading

Technical > AI Platforms – NLP – Time Series – ML Ops – End to end ML – Creating enterprise grade model’s


Core Themes


  • Identify the challenges of ethics in an artificial intelligence (AI) economy
  • Recognize the challenges of machine intelligence ethics.
  • Distinguish between different ethical models and how they are applied.
  • Analyse various ethical and governance related situations.
  • Determine AI applications in finance, banking and insurance situations.
  • Evaluating risk: What drives the AI risk?