Maura Liconte is currently the Deputy Head of Financial Crimes Investigations (“FCI”), Director of Deutsche Bank. As the Deputy Head of FCI, Maura is responsible for conducting the day to day oversight of the following teams located in both Jacksonville, Florida and New York locations: Financial Crimes Investigations Unit, Investigations, Suspicious Activity Reporting, Risk and Controls, Governance and Management Information. The teams are responsible for conducting the monitoring/surveillance, as well as the investigations and identification of suspicious activity for the bank, the filing of the Suspicious Activity Reports as per the Bank Secrecy Act regulations and also working with local law enforcement (i.e. FBI, Department of Justice and FinCEN). Prior to joining Deutsche Bank, Maura worked at Standard Chartered Bank as the Head of Financial Intelligence Operations and prior to that Maura was the Head of Anti- Money Laundering (“AML”) at Lloyd’s Banking Group. Prior to Lloyd’s Banking Group, Maura was the Deputy Head of AML and the Head of Transaction Monitoring at Royal Bank of Scotland. Maura has over 15 years of US and foreign financial institutional, correspondent banking and broker-dealer knowledge as well as Anti-Money Laundering/Financial Crimes/Transaction Monitoring, tuning and optimization experience with the following automated surveillance systems: Actimize, Mantas, Detica and Prime. Maura also regularly interfaces with external regulators, DFS Monitor and Group Audit examiners and has extensive experience dealing with Cease & Desist Order requirements, group audit findings and self-identified issues.