With its Identity-Verification-as-a-Service (IVaaS) platform, IDnow has committed itself to making the networked world a safer place.

IDnow’s unmanipulable identity verification is used in all industries where companies regularly carry out online customer interactions requiring a high level of security. IDnow technology uses artificial intelligence to ensure that all the necessary security features are present on a submitted ID document whilst reliably detecting forged documents in the process. Potentially, the identities of more than 7 billion customers from 193 different countries can be verified in real time.

IDnow is designed to cover a wide range of use cases, both for regulated industries across Europe, and, for completely new digital business models worldwide. The platform allows the identification flow to be adapted to regional, legal and economic requirements on a case-by-case basis.

IDnow is supported by the venture capital investors Corsair Capital, BayBG, Seventure Partner, G+D Ventures and Jet A as well as a consortium of renowned business angels. With more than 250 clients, the company serves leading international companies in various industries such as Bank of Scotland, BNP Paribas, Commerzbank, eventim, Raisin (Weltsparen), Sixt, solarisBank, Telefónica Deutschland, UBS, Western Union and wirecard as well as Fintechs such as Fidor, N26, smava and wefox.

For more information, visit idnow.io.