Amit Lakhani has wide and varied experiences in managing risks across key areas such as cyber security, fraud and third party services risks for organisations of all sizes. He started his career working as a consultant with Accenture where he developed and deployed multi-million dollar programmes involving compliance and risk elements, especially information security and cyber risks. Further, Amit worked at large multinational organisations in his role at KPMG driving strategic decision-making, investments and risk reduction programmes.

In his current role at BNP Paribas, Amit looks after IT, third party/vendor risk management and fraud risks across the Corporate and Institutional Banking division for BNP Paribas. Having been a key contributor, he has recently taken over fraud risk management under his wing. His team was instrumental in developing an analytics tool to measure and real-time report on some abnormal signals to detect fraud (“weak signals”). He has developed and is embedding the anti-fraud risk management initiatives and more importantly raising the risks at Boards and Executive Committee levels to have clear visibility on the identification, assessment, monitoring and reporting of these risks. The global role entails him to face up to regulators across many geographies, develop and establish solutions that address key specific risks that BNP Paribas faces in its operations.