Alon Ben-Chorin (Director of Intelligence, Insider Threat and Insights (I3) at Scotiabank in Canada), developed his extensive expertise in combating financial crimes through a wide array of roles held in law enforcement, regulatory and corporate domains. Starting as a lawyer and Chief Inspector at the Israeli Police, Alon was in charge of many high profile and successful fraud investigations and developed expertise also in Digital Forensics and Cyber investigations. After moving to Canada, Alon started as an Investigator at the Law Society of Ontario and from there progressively moved through different Financial Crime roles, first at the Telco and then the Financial industry, where he developed a thorough understanding of fraudulent behaviors and effective ways to detect, prevent and investigate them.  

In his current role as with Scotiabank, Alon is responsible for the development and implementation of three major programs under the Corporate Security banner: Intelligence, Insider Threat and Insights (Root Cause), which are all essential elements of the Bank’s overall defense against security and financial crime, both internal and external.  

Alon is a member of both the Israel and Ontario Bars and continues to develop his legal expertise alongside his Financial Crime focus.