Hawk AI develops and operates a cloud-based software solution for automated detection of suspected cases of financial crime. With Hawk AI, financial institutions can improve the efficiency of their transaction and customer monitoring and ensure regulatory compliance in money laundering prevention.  

By targeting money laundering and terrorist financing, Hawk AI addresses a highly underutilized area for banks and payment services who spend millions and billions to satisfy regulators. Hawk AI is one of the technological pioneers in Germany. 

Hawk AI’s software uses a combination of traditional rules and artificial intelligence to detect suspicious behavior and passes relevant alerts to financial crime specialists for investigation. In this context, the use of machine learning drastically reduces the false-positive rate compared to conventional AML/CFT solutions and makes the investigation process not only transparent, but also auditable at any time. The company’s solution is designed from the ground up to be a platform for secure and privacy-compliant information sharing between multiple financial institutions. 

Ultimately, Hawk AI aims at becoming the new “gold standard” in AML world-wide, contributing to not just significant cost savings for financial institutions but also to actually fighting financial crime effectively. 

Hawk AI was founded in Munich in 2018 by experienced fintech entrepreneurs Tobias Schweiger and Wolfgang Berner and works with financial institutions and partners such as North American Bancard, Ratepay and Modularbank.