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20th April 2020

Fighting fraud with enhanced departmental cohesion, the Fifth ...

Interview with Francisco Mainez - Head of Business Financial Crime Risk, Data & Analytics for HSBC UK, part of one of the world’s largest banking groups.
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17th April 2020

COVID-19: A global opportunity for cybercriminals, warns FATF

Criminals and terrorists are taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to carry out financial frauds and scams, including advertising and trafficking in counterfeit medicines, offering fraudulent investment opportunities, and engaging in phishing schemes that prey on virus-related fears.
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15th April 2020

FinTech can help combat the coronavirus, says watchdog

As well as combating fraud and financial crimes, the use of financial, regulatory, and supervisory technologies may help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
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27th March 2020

Corona Report: FinTech update

The financial technology (FinTech) startup space has long been positioned as an alternative to mainstream banking and financial services, as customers go mobile or move online, seeking out flexible, friction-free services.
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25th March 2020

Corona Report: Banking update

While UK interest rates stand at a historic low of 0.1 percent, high street banks have been slammed for steep rises, or planned rises, in the cost of overdrafts.
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19th March 2020

Banking futures and new realities collide in Accenture ...

Chris Middleton explains why a new report from Accenture, compiled before the coronavirus crisis, makes interesting reading as a result. What are the real lessons?