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26th April 2019

Cambridge University launches FinTech network in Chile

A group of British finance and technology experts visited the Chilean capital, Santiago, last month to inaugurate a new FinTech collaboration network in Latin America, according to an announcement from the British government this week.
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25th April 2019

JPMorgan expands blockchain, FinTech platform

Chris Middleton reports on how the US’ biggest bank is expanding its blockchain network with over 200 other institutions onboard.
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23rd April 2019

Alt finance booming in Europe, says report

A new Cambridge University report finds alternative finance exploding in Europe, led by the UK. However, Chris Middleton warns that underlying trends are less healthy for Britain.
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18th April 2019

Half of digital payments made in China

NEWSBYTE Half of all the world’s digital payments take place in China, according to new research.
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16th April 2019

Results roundup: US banks report a jittery Q1

Several US banks have reported first-quarter earnings, providing an insight into how the Wall Street financial services sector is performing in a jittery, more tightly regulated economy, as banks face increased disruption from digital challengers.
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12th April 2019

NEWS roundup: The global laundromat still spinning

British bank Standard chartered has been ordered to pay a total of $1.1 billion (£842 million) by US and UK authorities for money laundering activities and breaching economic sanctions.