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13th March 2019

UK rises to AML challenge – but is it ...

The UK is getting to grips with anti-money laundering (AML), according to a number of recent reports.
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11th March 2019

FTSE 350 boards don’t understand cyber security, says ...

Boards at some of the UK’s biggest companies still don’t understand the potential impact of cyber attacks, according to a new report from the British government.
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6th March 2019

FinTech: How AI is disrupting financial services

Artificial intelligence (AI) is automating many entry-level white-collar jobs in financial services and other industries, according to data analytics firm, CB Insights.
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5th March 2019

Europe and AML: Bold score or own goal?

To prevent the spread of dirty money worldwide, anti-money laundering (AML) programmes need to be international. Transactions can become harder to track the more they cross borders into different jurisdictions and regulatory regimes.
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27th February 2019

Asia surging ahead in FinTech deals, says Accenture

Asian FinTech companies raised investment of $29.8 billion in 2018, almost twice as much as their US counterparts, says new research from Accenture.
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19th February 2019

Cyber security: Employees are the real ‘bad actors’, ...

A Microsoft cyber security survey has revealed that, despite the focus on hackers and other ‘bad actors’, employees are the real risk to organisations’ security. According to the new report, lax working habits, mobility, portable devices, and poor awareness of ...